Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Damn you, X-Box 360

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Me and Edna got alot in common. I just spent the last 5 hours wasting my life looking for the current holy grail of nerdery: the XBox 360. I wanted one pretty bad yesterday, but refused to hold vigil with my geek brethren for one at 12:01. I figured they wouldn't be sold out everywhere. I was so wrong. Judging by the punchable faces on the countless store attendants I saw, I had a better chance of running into a tuba playing Yokozuna than finding one today.

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(fig A: Yokazuna w/tuba)

I went to at least a dozen stores. Some kid at Best Buy who looked like a Gelfling from The Dark Crystal
literally laughed at me when I asked him for one. Not a nerdy sarcastic laugh either. This was a real, heartfelt belly laugh. He then smiled at his equally awesome co-worker and said, "yeah, um.. no. Sorry, pal, you might want to try..." but I don't remember what else he said because I was too caught up in choosing which DVD box set I wanted to use to smash his skull in with. But then I realized he most likely spends his days stocking ipod batteries and alphabetizing Barney tapes with his bluetooth headset on, hoping that at least one person will call this week so he can finally show the pretty girl at register 5 that he actually has friends. There was no need to be mean to him. Life had beaten me to it.

One clerk who wasn't a douchbag told me that there were people lining up outside the store at 11 pm last night, and they didn't open until 10 this morning. My friend at Microsoft (who is having trouble getting one for himself!) told me that they are going on Ebay for ridiculous prices. Check these out.. Some are going for more than a grand! Upon hearing that I promptly gave up. Oh well, I guess I'll get one eventually. It would be nice to have one, but I suppose I can wait.

So did anyone get one? And is anyone going to get one after the madness calms down?

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