Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Make the music with your mouth

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Beatboxing is something I always wished I could do but totally can't. I love it. Besides vocoded robotic voices and Dub Reggae echoes, it might be my all-time favorite sound.

So here are some quick links because I got beatbox on the brain today...

Now check out these awesome boomboxes from the golden age of hip hop:

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(Click boombox to check em out!)

Ok, now imagine you got one of those bad boys on your shoulder..Check out this page of awesome beatbox mp3's and videos from the 80's and beyond...awesome cuts from the fat boys, Doug E Fresh, Rahzel and more...

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(Click Doug E Fresh for mp3's!)

On a lighter note, check out this video of Michael Jackson beatboxing to Oprah...Oprah busts out the wack dance moves..priceless.

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(Click pic to watch Mike rock the mic!)

And finally, you have to watch this 27 minute video from one of the world's illest beatboxers from the UK named Kila Kela. It's amazing what this guy does with a mic. (Link is a direct link to Real Player file.) Trust me, If you click anything, click this!

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(Click pic to watch!)

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