Monday, November 28, 2005


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Our good friend and respectable blogarian from Kangaroo country BourbonBird "tagged" me with a meme, and I have decided to reply out of respect for her and her infinite awesomeness (And go read her blog if you haven't already). So here goes:

Ten years ago:

I graduated from high school. I just missed the 10 year reunion. And by miss it, I mean I didn't make it.

I watched "The Usual Suspects", loved it so much I named my dog Keyser, and then ruined the ending to the movie to Kid Dammit by explaining to him why I named my dog that. Way to go, stupid myself.

I started to enjoy the college experience, sans class.

I looked like a much younger, beardless version of myself. Old sucks. I'm not quite old yet, but I can feel old knocking at the door. The other day I got cut off in the car by some rowdy teens driving to school and I shook my fist and said "Damn you fucking kids! Slow down!" They laughed at me. Godamned kids. I hope that Mountain Dew they drink extremes their Abercrombie asses off a open drawbridge.

Five years ago:

I was in music school, where I enjoyed the college experience, and this time went to class.

My car was stolen.

I did alot of Astral Projection and managed to freak myself out quite a bit.

I lived with the Mantis, Yadig, and a few other nomads in a dilapidated house in a godawful neighborhood in Boston with a mumbly landlord named John Darling who looked like the illegitimate love child of Mahir and Gallagher.

I was convinced that the Apocalypse was coming at any time.

One year ago:

I was caught inside the Capitalist struggle.

I was a much more jaded music industry victim than I am now.

I was living in NYC.

My car was stolen (again).

Five Yummy Things:

*Note: I officially am declaring blog jihad on the word "Yummy." Not even Teletubbies talk with such appallingly gay vocabulary. That being said, here are 5 delicious things instead:

1- Coca Cola Slurpee

2- Capirinha

3- Chicken Tikka Masala

4- Ropa Vieja

5- Sweet peppers

Five songs I know by heart:

1- The montage song in the movie "Bloodsport" (Fight to Survive!)

2- Fugazi "Waiting Room"

3- Stevie Wonder "As"

4- Kraftwerk "The Robots"

5- Paul Simon "Graceland"

Five things I would do with a lot of money:

Gamble on everything.

Pay people to exercise for me.

Become a full time UFO hunter/Paranormal Enthusiast.

Dig a laserfied moat around my house, Fill it with electric eels and rare jewels, and hire Shaolin Monks to serve as my guards and to get drunk and do Karaoke with me.

Wear a monacle like the Monopoly guy.

Five things I would never wear:

A beret of any kind. (Not for all the wine in France.)

Wraparound sports glasses.

A doo rag.

A beard of bees.

A Columbian necktie.

Five Favorite TV shows:

The Sopranos

Breaking Bonaduce

The Office (UK)


Daily Show

Five things I enjoy doing:


Seeing friends.

Figuring out which of my dogs is stupidest.


Video Games, Internet, blogging, and other assorted nerd activities.

Five people I want to inflict this on:


Hungry Hyaena




heheh... have fun guys!!

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