Friday, August 18, 2006

McHummers For Kids


I admit, I'm not the most morally responsible person. But certain things just ain't right at all. I'd have to say that clubbing baby seals, Hummers, and McDonalds definetely top my list of all things wrong in the world.

Thanks to corporate greed and a little elbow grease from the Lord of Darkness, two of the above have been combined. "This month McDonald's is giving away toy Hummers - 42 million of them, in eight models and colors - with every Happy Meal or Mighty Kids Meal."

Holy Christ. Slowly poisoning children across the world is one thing. But encouraging them to play with the symbol of the American energy crisis is a whole new level. How many bad messages can you fit inside a litttle box? Bravo, Ronald. You have outdone yourself.

Anyway, check out Ronald to get involved. This should keep me satisfied until the NRA sponsored Glock 9 mm happy meal comes out this fall.

(via Mefi)

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