Monday, August 28, 2006

World's wackiest weathermen


What is up with doing the weather and being crazy? Al Roker is clearly a little touched in the head. Maybe it's because his stomach is the size of a thimble and he has the food crazies. But noone can possibly be that psyched to kick it with Matt and Katie sans-amphetamines. Willard Scott has been off the deep end for years. (He gets a pass, He's 157.) My Mom used to work with Brian Williams's wife back in the day when he was on the local news and not Mr. Salad Fork over at NBC. She told her that long time NY area weather man Mr. G was totally shit house crazy and refused to go on air without his pockets filled with dolls and "good luck" trinkets. So WTF is wrong with these people? Does Doppler radar and standing in front of green screens cause dementia or what?

Check out these clips of the world's wackiest weathermen. Mark Mathis is #1. Watch this clip to see why.

(via Gorillamask)

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