Thursday, March 08, 2007

KJ Sawka: Live Drum and Bass

Rapper Hugi

I always wished I could play drums. I tried to learn once, but I didn't seem to have to coordination. I would love to have spent years training just so I could play Drum and Bass and drive my neighbors up the fucking walls. I've always loved the sound, since way back, when it used to be just called "Jungle". I remember my buddy Henry bringing me to my first Rave, and hearing DnB changed my brain forever. I loved how frantic and methodical it sounded. I loved the time stretched snares, and the rolling basslines...I loved how it made me want to jump into my own head and challenge my brain to a breakdance battle. And I still love it if the track is tight.

Check out KJ Sawka in a radio station banging out Live DnB with nothing but a sampler and a drum kit. Fucking boss.

(via M&C)

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