Monday, March 05, 2007

Look Around You: Synthesizer Patel


I was checking out The Unbeatable's blog today, and was introduced to a show that is clearly something I need to see more of. BBC ran a show called "Look Around You" that's a brilliant satire of old science and educational films made for school classrooms. In this episode, we are introduced to a man named Synthesizer Patel, who shows us the amazing world of synthesizers. I guarantee you'll learn something. I learned that they can recreate any sound, except a Bassoon. And I learned that because so many bastards steal them, they are usually fitted with burglar alarms.

Also check out this clip from the "Music 2000" episode where we are introduced to "Rap":

ROFL!! Also Check out Ghosts, Music, and Computer Games..

Thanks Vic!

(via The Bedfordhillsian)

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