Thursday, April 12, 2007

Ninja Terminator


This trailer made me remember why I spent so much time as a kid drawing ninjas. What's not to love. They're it, and that's that. I used to play "The Legend of Kage" until my my frontal lobes began to cook. I saw this clip and heard a "Tha-pow!" which I realized was the sound of my own fist punching my own face spontaneously because my eyes saw something so cool and jazzy-awesome they were unworthy and deserved swift punishment. This movie has everything I could ever want in a movie. Ninjas that shoot fire, ninjas that jump and move at incredible speeds, terrible effects, people who look like Ozzy Osbourne, and spinning motherfucking backfist punches.

Not convinced? Watch this scene and tell me you don't want your own messenger robot:

I can only hope that this is a glimpse of what email is going to be like in the year 3000. Fly me to the future, Doc.

(via Transbuddha)

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