Thursday, June 21, 2007

Furries Be Rollin..


What the fuck is up with Furries? It's without a doubt the nerdiest fucking thing in the known world. (Read about the world of Furry Fandom HERE.)

And don't even get me started for how shitty hip hop has gotten over the last few..fuck, waay too long time. If I see another money knot or spinning rim on the soul-raping hell box I call a television I'm going to tie a slip knot or spin a chamber and end it all.

So what better way to mock the genre than by having some Furries dance around an Escalade?

I hear the yellow dog guy stabbed 50 Cent 40 times at a club last weekend for stealing his sneer..pass it on. And if you are in Illinois in November, you should totally go to the Midwest Furfest and take some pictures for me.

(via Transbuddha)

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