Monday, June 18, 2007

For Love of the Game

Have you ever been watching some sport or another and gotten so inspired by the thrill of it all that you whipped out your pen and pad and wrote some free verse right then and there? I came across this site devoted to poetry about Maradona. Here's a sample from Omar Shibli:

Oh Diego,
You came on such a light foot,
Striding runs and penalties took,
You came, you went, you stole our hearts,
Our love for the game means we're never apart.

and this guy Richard Harrison who writes hockey poetry such as this little tidbit:

Almost like leaves on a stream they drift toward center
their hands naked now
their heads unhelmeted
this is the undressing

I've been watching hockey for awhile now and I only know about three periods and a Zamboni. The undressing thing must be part of how they play hockey in Canada.

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