Thursday, June 21, 2007

My Pick For President


Fuck Hillary, fuck Obama, fuck Mitt (that sounds like a fetish), and fuck that fat guy who plays govermnent dudes on TV who I hear is planning on being the damn president. I even say fuck General Zod, and fuck Chris Walken. I've officially got my pick for Prezzo.

And that man is Cyrus, from "The Warriors". Let's face it, he has a great following, the streets love him, has the beautiful hairstylings of a transexual Thai prostitute, and possesses amazing stage presence. He's clearly a leader, and united the ruffians of a rough and tumble city in one single night. Watch his speech and tell me you wouldn't punch booku chads for his ass.

As for my My VP pick? Al Gore, natch. And if there is another dreaded fiasco ala 2000 election, you can bet Cyrus will say those magic words.." Can you count, suckers? I say the future is ours...If you can count."

I'd gladly fight a thousand republicans and a few Baseball Furies to stand by his side.

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