Wednesday, June 13, 2007



I don't have words for how awesome this movie looks. Prepare yourself for a plethora of truly stupendous retro-shenanigans. The premise (from WFMU:)

"Nice guy cop Dave Speed paddles his canoe too close to a NASA test station and after getting drenched with radiation finds that he is imbued with super powers. The problem is, nobody believes him, not even his partner Ernest Borgnine (whose blustery over-acting knows no limits), because whenever he sees red his powers go away."

Watch this, it's priceless. I especially like the "you try to kill me, but I mock you by catching your bullet in my teeth" bit.(which is presumably followed in the movie by Superfuzz kill/murdering the life out of the guy in an overzealous and disturbingly comical shooting). Fuck yeah, this guy rocks! I say clone him and fill the streets with them. Criminals will have nowhere to run when heavily-armed maniacs like Superfuzz totally go apeshit and jump through godamned brick walls chasing them.

(via The ODK)

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