Wednesday, January 02, 2008


One year closer to Armageddon, booyah! Peace the fuck out, 2007. 2008 is officially pumping up the jams from now on. I hope 2008 is full of good things. I hope that I can finally stop working and become a professional poker player/sarcasm consultant to the rich and humorless. No more monkeys in the white house. More monkeys on television sitcoms. I hope to quit smoking those delicious cigarettes this year even though they keep getting better and better. I want 2008 to be the year I finally learn some kind of lethal karate move. I want to blog more. I also hope to learn something cool and pretentious like origami to impress and irritate people simultaneously. But most of all, I hope every one of you have a year that makes you want to breakdance and moonwalk from it's explosive awesomeness. I also want to do a few other things, like..


Hit the gym (and learn to dance like a homosexual robot. )


Find God.


Laugh with the children.


Dress to impress.

geometry lesson

And maybe meet a nice girl.

Happy New Year monkiacs!!!

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