Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Science Fair Chic Is All The Rage


Here's a question: Why does every kid from middle school look like they just woke up after sleeping off the flu for 12 hours? Ah, how I don't miss those awkward days. You have to check out this fantastic collection of Science Fair pictures..

Here are two reasons to check it out:


This kid is better dressed than me, significantly smarter than me, and has better facial hair than I could ever hope to be able to grow. (due to my Nordic roots, I am stuck with a perpetually blond whisper of a mustache, also known as a Larry Bird.)


And this kid is just a total fucking champion. That sweater is in a neck-and-neck race with Obama for my pick for president. It's glorious. It's like that lost Cosby episode where Cliff Huxtable took acid and had a hoagie party with Timothy Leary. If I saw some waif kid from Billyburg rocking it with asshole glasses I wouldn't like it as much. But this kid's style is just straight gangster. FYI: I think I'm going to start an all synthesizer band called "Code of the Meniscus". We'll only play covers of Dokken, Krokus, and Stryper..and when the crowd inevitably begs us for more ironic awesomeness, we will grant them their wish..with blazing arpeggios, a exciting fire-filled finale with a Unicorn, and our excellent 16-minute interpolation of Europe's "The Final Countdown."

Check out the whole collection HERE...

(via Wired blog)

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