Friday, March 21, 2008

The Kid's Got It.


Move over David Elsewhere, there's a new wunderkind representing one time for the kindergarten massive. This kid's got moves. Uber killer stupid silly fresh killa dopetastic moves. Punch-me-inside-my-own-bewildered-face fantastical moves. He's the best, around. No one is ever going to keep him down. I wish I could take this kid to banks and use him to hypnotize the tellers into forking over money to me.

Jesus, just look at him go! He's fucking awesome. He's like the Chinese kid from Goonies minus the gadgets. Because he doesn't need them. Why would anyone need a boxing glove on a spring when they possess the kind of floor moves that would make Satan cry blood? His moves reminds me of Jackie Chan's in Drunken Master 2. But he's clearly drunk on something else..that special kind of joy that only comes when a 7 year old gets his hands on his brother's rap mix and proceeds to get his motherfucking Crunk on. What a great way to start Friday off..I hope that when I'm doing these moves in the street tomorrow I don't get tasered.

(thanks Sleep ONE!)

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