Friday, February 20, 2009

Sweet, sweet blogohol


Jesus! WTF, myself?!? It's been weeks. I guess it's true what everyone says. You are a dick, me.

Stupid. You've been a slacker as long as I've known you. Stop with the attitude, already. Your sass mouth is out of control. Recon, it's time. Get on that on-ramp. It's time. Put on your blinker and merge onto the highway to the dangerzone.
Do it! Make Tom Skerritt proud. Blog it up, dummy. Before I stop talking to you.

Over the last few moons, God has struck me down with a severe case of writer's block (which is convenient when I'm in school for fucking writing) as well as a healthy dose of real life shit to deal with. My apologies. The robots need to hurry up and get invented already and I need to hurry up and win the World Series of Poker so I can afford to buy one and force it to blog for me when I am unable to fulfill my nerd responsibilities to the fullest. Grrr. Damn you 2009. You sound so futuristic but I still feel like a barbarian in the Dark Age. (It could be the
warrior hair.)

Anyway, it's late and I need to make sure I make it to class on time (45 minutes late) tomorrow, so I'm off to the land of slumber where I commandeer alien laser battles and play guitar really good.

FYI: I'm going to blog the shit out of this place this weekend. You watch. In the meantime, please enjoy the best photograph in the Universe.


It's like Cocaine for eyeballs.

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