Sunday, May 17, 2009

Stay out of my home, Tommy Smothers.

Warning: A disturbing new craze is sweeping the nation. Please watch the following for important information about your children's safety.

Wow. I pray to God and hope that this "craze" isn't sweeping into my part of the nation anytime soon. Because if it is I need to go and buy duct tape, surgical masks, and bullets and a gun to put them in so I can be ready to kill the Yo-Yo zombies before they get to my brain.

Also, does Mr. Smothers have a gambling problem or something? It looks like he shot this on a Saturday afternoon trip to the Mall in
one of those D.I.Y. wacky music video kiosks while his family was finishing their Sbarro's in the Food Court. And judging from the backgrounds in it I'd say the mall is located somewhere between Outerspace and the Future.

This is just uncomfortable. Either Tommy Smothers learned the power of teleportation and lives inside an asteroid belt, or he's hired the same movie producers that made the Heaven's Gate recruitment tapes. Either way I feel pretty weird about this whole thing in general. The notable exception being the catchphrase. I enjoy the Rap, so I'm obliged to co-sign on that.

(via EIT)

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