Thursday, December 31, 2009

Merry Annual New Year Celebration Day

AH!!!! 2010!! Congrats to all of us for making it to such a futuristic-sounding year. The robots haven't killed us yet. +1 Humans.

But 2010, when I imagined it as a kid, was different. We have cool stuff, I guess. But I want Moon Casinos and light sabers. I want miniature Tigers and Elephants as designer pets. I want virtual motherfucking reality, dude. Where's my flying skateboard? I was promised this, and I demand it. I also want Nano-bots to make me not have to exercise, sleep, work, or quit smoking.

Also, where are the laser guns? I'm not pro war, but I am pro lasers. And when are the Aliens going to show up? Are they waiting for a more futuristic sounding year to land? Fucking Prima donnas.

Anyway, I hope more time for writing appears in my world next year. I hope for a lot. But instead of rambling on, tell me what you hope happens in 2010.

And until then my friends, I bid you all adieu. Recon out!!!!

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