Saturday, July 16, 2005

"For Your Height Only"

Allow me to introduce you to Weng Wang.

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"Agent 00" licking shots at bumbaclots.

Mr. Wang is a 3-foot tall Filipino Movie Star, and the main hero "Agent 00" in the fantastic movie soon-to-be added to my collection called "For Your Height Only".

What is this movie you say? Well prepare yourself.

"Mr. Giant has kidnapped the brilliant Dr. Van Kohler and is planning to use the Doctor's invention, the N-bomb, to hold the world hostage. The only one who can foil Mr. Giant's evil scheme is Agent 00, a 3-foot-tall filipino martial arts master, expert marksman, top-class romancer and all-around superspy. Can Agent 00 rescue Dr. Kohler before it's too late?"

I really hope so. I want to see this more than I want World Peace.

There are many, many reasons to see this. For example:

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Where else besides your dreams can you see a midget fly?

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Or see a 3-foot midget fight a regular sized midget in a 1970's kitchen battle?

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But don't worry ladies...

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There's plenty of romance in this action packed thriller.

Man, I'm so excited to get this. I want to see it more than Indian Superman and Turkish Star Wars combined. Here's an awesome review with some terrific pictures, and a place to order it. (copies are super expensive!) But wait..Wanna see a clip of it? You bet your sweet midget-loving ass you do. Watch THIS! No one kicks 70's Goons asses like Weng Wang! Can I get a witness?!?

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