Monday, July 25, 2005

Picture Of The Day

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This is a picture of the the late, great Jimmy "Orion" Ellis. He was considered by many to be the King of Elvis impersonators, and had a voice uncanny in it's similarity. The Sun Records artist was named Orion and wore a mask to generate mystique and the possibility that he might actually have been Elvis himself. He was named after a book by Gail Brewer Giorgio about a singer who became so famous that he couldn't go anywhere or do anything. He became more or less a prisoner of his own fame, faked his own death and attended his own funeral as his own pallbearer.

But Orion was a one of a kind. "I don't wear jumpsuits like Elvis did," Orion said. "Just say I dress Orion-style."

Whatever "Orion-style" is, it's pretty fucking awesome.

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