Sunday, July 10, 2005


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Hello internet. Sorry it's been a few days since posting. I had to write something today even if I have nothing to say. I think I'm getting a bit OCD. When I don't post for more than a few days I have to put something up or it makes my brain itch. I got 2 classes starting tomorrow, and am looking forward to showcasing my admirable attempt at a mustache for a new set of spectators. The books I am assigned are terrific. I'm reading one right now called "Seventeenth Summer" for my Adolescent Literature class that is a real winner. It's the heartfelt tale of a 17 year old girl and the magical summer when she falls in love with that special boy. I have to share the description with you. It's so my kind of book! Check it:

Seventeenth Summer

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"What better time than summer for a little romance? Except for Angie, who doesn't really date. Didn't date, that is -- until she saw Jack Duluth's crew cut peeking out over a booth in McKnight's drugstore one night.

He looked over at me, smiled, and then sat down again.

Thus starts a summer Angie will never forget -- one full of spine chills, total bliss, heartache, and confusion...all the feelling that spell love."

Being a 28 year old grown ass man reading this in July in classes with young people makes me feel kind of dirty inside, but that's ok. I like the looks I get in airports reading this. I think I know how Michael Jackson feels when people judge him with their eyes. I have to read one called "Diary Of a Teenage Girl" next. I think I'll read it in Starbucks as much as possible, hopefully causing the squad of Avril Levigne baristas to feel a bit put off. Anyway, I'll be back this week with more nonsense. If anyone has read this, feel free to email me the Cliff's notes..

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