Tuesday, July 05, 2005

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Well I'm back from my Birthday weekend, and had a blast. I got loose with the Karaoke, saw many old friends and many thanks are due to all for making it worthwhile, and all the blogarians leaving your birthday love.

My weekend was great, but my plane ride was craptacular. Here's the scenario:

For 2.5 hours, an arm rest-hogging old man who smelled of cloves and some unnamable sickness on the right elbowing me in the side, 3 screaming babies in the row in front of me manned by an inept couple who should have been sterilized for bringing hell spawn into this world, roller coaster level turbulence, adolescent kick fest 2005 in the back of my seat, old guy who I shit you not would elbow me in my head every time he got up to do whatever he needed to do every 20 minutes, laughable delays before and upon landing, and a gaggle of other annoyances I totally phased out with John Tesh muzak on crackly airline headphones. Best part: right before the end of the flight, I got a nose bleed that lasted for the duration
while droves of douchebags all around me stared at me like I was the freaking Elephant man. I tried to get up and go to the bathroom but was informed by a tight faced air wench that I couldn't because Tom Ridge says I have to remain seated strapped in like cargo with my seat back up during descent or I'm classified as a potential freedom hating infidel. At one point I thought I was the victim of a bad hidden camera show. I wish I was. I would have had someone to punch.

I realized early the morning before I had to leave that I had lost my car key. So upon landing, I flagged down a really cool cabbie. I figured I'd cab it to the house and get the spare and go and retrieve my car.

So I thought.

Upon arriving, the house was locked up. My parents have a housekeeper who is a really sweet lady, but she bounced early for a 4th of July party figuring I could let myself in. My parents are out of town till Saturday, and every door was locked. At this point I'm 10 feet from my bed and just want to go to sleep. After trying to pry open windows, doors, and climbing onto balconies, I went over to the neighbors house to see if they had a spare key, and they did. Except it didn't work. So I decided to kick back and chill outside for several hours hoping someone would show up at some point.

I got in eventually about 5 hours later when evidently the fiesta was over. Anyway, I had a really great time in NY. Can't wait to go back..

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