Thursday, March 02, 2006

Looking for freedom with a potty mouth

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Well I had to save the best for last. These clips will have a guaranteed spot in the Hoffitorium I plan on building when I retire. First, check out this radical video of Hoff's "Looking For Freedom". I'd take this over Heroin any day. It's just about as addictive, and way more satisfying. The song sounds like a dog crapped on a keytar, but who cares. Lot's of sweet manfro, power synth lines, popped collars, smoke machine action, 80's ladies, and Knight Rider footage. Next to "Hooked on a Feeling", it might be the best video in all of hoffstory. Check it out:

Bubuwait it gets worse. Here's some Knight Rider outakes where Michael Knight drops a few F bombs and engages in 80's style sexual harrassment. Brilliant. Totally fucking Hofftastic.

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