Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Best Bollywood Clip Of All Time

Why do I provide you with the single greatest Bollywood clip of all time? It's simple. Because I love you.

Lord, where do I even begin with this magnificent piece of cinematic history. Fantastical retro Indian breakdancing? Check. Freaky Animal people? Surrealist backdrops? Check. Totaly boss Lucha Libre unitards? Check. flamboyant man scarf action? Check. This clip has it all. From a smoking breakbeat soundtrack, to a nightmare inducing color scheme. There's even a monkey man in it. And those with a keen eye for the strange may recognize Tollwood megastar Chiranjeevi from the amazing Indian thriller clip I posted a while back. Either way, you will undoutedly lose motor functions watching this glorious monstrosity of old school spectacularness. A throw back to those fever induced disturbing dreams of yesteryear.

(via Turbanhead)

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