Monday, February 05, 2007

General Tso


Forget Alexander The Great. Forget Ghenghis Khan. In fact, forget all those dead guys who fought people and blew stuff up back in olden times. The greatest general who ever lived was clearly General Tso.

"General Tso’s chicken is named for Tso Tsung-t’ang (now usually transliterated as Zuo Zongtang), a formidable 19th-century general who is said to have enjoyed eating it."

I enjoy eating it. It's pretty much the best.
If you don't like it you've either never had it, or you are a godless heathen. Either way, you need to get on board. This is a must read for all current and aspiring fatboys. Check out the NY Times story behind General Tso's HERE.

Fuck the colonel. The general's got the chicken game on lock.
No wonder he was a military hero. I would follow any man into bloody battle whose name graced this fabulous recipe.

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