Wednesday, February 28, 2007

News Report: What is "Emo"?


While most of you come to M4H to get your stupid on, I've been told some come to get their learn on. That's a filthy untruth, but whatever. Lying is the new honesty. You heard it here first.

I always thought Emo was just the first name of creepy Crispin Glover contemporary Emo Phillips. Apparently it's much more. Wiki says " The term emo as a music genre has become broader and broader with time, and now is loosely understood to mean "rock music with emotionally-based lyrics or effect." (wiki) While it was once a style of music pioneered by bands like Fugazi, it's morphed into a style of dress, attitude, and way of life.

Check out this "report", and learn why Emo is scaring the crap out of people who for some reason still watch local news. The best part is that the examples they use to explain Emo are actually making fun of Emo. Genius. Way to crack the case, Holmes.

On a lighter note, check out one of the best parts of Weird Al's UHF starring none other than the original Emo, Emo Phillips.

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