Friday, February 09, 2007

Spectreman Vs. Space Apeman Gori


You all know how much I dig old Japanese Sci Fi, and how I truly believe the crappier the better. One show I've been looking to get decent clips of is Spectreman. Spectreman is an old show from Japan that featured one of the most badass villains of all: Doctor Gori. He's a monkey with a blond wig and a jumpsuit who aims to take over the Earth with monsters created from pollution. (you might recognize him from my blog header). He also has a sidekick, Karis, who happens to be a giant gorilla. This is what Spectreman looks like:


If I haven't hooked you already, just watch. This episode is dubbed in English, and has giant fights in the city, monkeys floating in space, and an awesome final fight between Spectreman and two Gorillas in 70's slow mo in the desert. It's just about the weirdest, crappiest, and bossest thing I've seen in many internet nerd moons. Enjoy..

Here's Episode 1:

Episode 2:
(FYI: 1.5 minutes in is a totally awesome monkey fight..)

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