Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Retro Future Visions


Dark Roasted Blend has got a wicked collection of retro futuristic art you gotta check out. After looking at them, here are some basic rules I gleaned for predicting the future circa 1950-70's:

1: Communists are still up to no good. The only difference: their evil is much more futuristic.

2: In the future, everything is made of lasers or Nerf.

3: If not metallic and shiny, all colors in the future look like the aftermath of a massive explosion at Jim Henson's workshop.

4: People of the future have a total boner for the Moon.

And I love the fact that so many visions of the future are so amazingly inaccurate. while clicking through the pics, I found this totally boss 1979 imagineering of the "living room of the future":


(click pic for large image)

Incidentally, I want every thing that guy has in his living room for Christmas, including the stupid-fresh Mork meets B-Boy unisuit he's rocking. So Jive.

Check out the whole collection..and
definitely make sure you troll the year 2000 flickr pool..


(click pic for more retro-futurism!)

And check out Part 2 HERE..

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