Sunday, December 02, 2007

12 Days Of Kitschmas


I can't figure out what I want for Christmas. It's always so hard to decide. I'd wish I could ask for vacation as a present. Or get a robot slave I could deploy to work for me while I head to the casino for some had earned rest. Or this amazing Pac-Man retro sculpture. But until I'm rich or robots become a reality, I'm stuck looking for good books and the new Ipod lasergun Apple is likely putting out in time for the capitalistic feeding frenzy going down in the next few weeks.

This list has some awesome gifts that might inspire you. Check out the hip flask bible, perfect for any God hating boozebag you know and love. My favorite is biker Jesus. (And the other models in the Christ action series are simply fantastic. ) But honestly, is there really any sexier way to mock the heavens than by wearing a thong of praise?


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