Monday, December 31, 2007

Shameless Self-Promotion & a Happy New Year

(pic via R3deyeJedi)

The Mantis here, just dropping by to wish everyone a Happy New Year (especially you, Recon), and to invite everyone to peep the blogginess over at my aging-raver, old-school hip hop, street art spot right here. I may start cross-posting between M4H and Mantisounds, partially because I'm lazy and it's easy to cut and paste HTML code, partially because people actually READ M4H and I'm trying to trick you all into viewing my blog, but mostly because the subject matter revolves around the music Recon and I used to eat, sleep, steal, dub, pop, lock, and exhale on our radio shows in college and in smoke-filled rooms, sweatbox clubs, and sleazy basements across America since those glory days of "higher" education.

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