Friday, January 23, 2009

Dynamic Pawn


Wow. Dynamic Pawn. This store really has it all. (By "all" I mean several things I do not want or ever need.) But I don't want to dog them. If I did need this stuff I totally would get it here. These people are top notch.

Incidentally, I couldn't be less surprised that handguns, chainsaws, and mulleted Gingers all make the cut in Mississippi. Shocker. And can someone tell me why everyone wears Amber visions down there? It's like every third guy south of the Mason/Dixon line is a dead ringer for Stacey Keach in "American History X". What kind of jive is that?

Side note: If the guy cocking the gun is indicative of the popular hairstyle decisions made by people of that region, then getting a perm from the Muppet Workshop totally plays.

(via Everythingisterrible)

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