Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Get to work, you lousy chimps.


Damn, it's been a bit. Since my last post (the one where I promised to write more) I've been on a series of exciting adventures. And by exciting adventures I actually mean unexciting, non-adventures. The fact is, I'm stupid. Stupid like a Basset Hound on Heroin. Stupid, handsome, and extremely fun to be with. But stupid. There's truly no excuse for me not being here. The fact is the monkeys and I are engaged in spirited negotiations over contracts and past wage issues. They want air conditioning and a Foosball table. They also demand to not be chained to their desktops 15 hours a day. Those filthy little bastards. So today I managed to tear myself away from GTA 4 long enough to grant them their unreasonable demands. I suppose I have to give them what they want so the stupid continues to flow properly here on M4H.

I miss you, internet. Let's never be apart again. That being said, here's some top notch randomness the monkeys and I have been kicking around the office...


This is how to pose like a pimp.


This is how to be a pimp.


This is a mustache.


This is Kan.


This is Science.


This is Slater.


This is a show that needs to come back on the air...(movie coming soon?)


This is how you make a grown man yelp like a little girl.

This is how Steven Seagal becomes The Cockpuncher.


This is how to be presidential.


This is how to be old and awesome while reenacting famous Vietnam photos.


This is the proper finishing move when fighting a midget in short shorts.


This is how you make a movie.

And finally, we have these assholes.


Look at them. They're so Christmas they shit tinsel.

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