Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Black Metal Fashionistas

Black Metal is the best. Not the music I mean. That's actually pretty shitty. The people who play it are the best. I remember living in Boston and Devo had a copy of Vice that talked about the big dogs of the black metal scene, and how they'd actually kill each other. WTF? Is there no law over in Iceland or wherever these monkeys are from? It's crazy these dudes actually take themselves so damn seriously. And can someone please explain why is it that they're all from Nordic countries? I feel like I'm too nice a guy to be descendant from the same stock as these heathens.


This is a fantastic picture of "Horgh" and "Abbath" from the band Immortal. If they were attempting to look scary and evil, they have failed miserably. They look like someone Lord Humungus from Mad Max 2 would hire to be his lotion boys.


(Fig. A: Lord Humungus lets the metal holler)

That being said, check out these Top Ten Black Metal pics..(Note: some aren't safe for work) And if you haven't seen the first list, check it out here..

(Thanks Mog for sending me this!)

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