Monday, August 01, 2005

Jacko Of The Third Kind

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Michael Jackson Wants Airport For Aliens

Michael Jackson is building an airport - for aliens.

The eccentric singer reportedly came up with the idea after dreaming he met little green men from outer space.

Jackson wants to set up the extra terrestrial landing strip in the Nevada desert, according to new book 'Alien Rock: The Rock 'n' Roll ET Connection'.

Author Michael C Luckman claims Jackson even wants to film the first landing at the alleged base,

He revealed: "Michael wants to welcome extra-terrestrials to earth and to film the landing."

The writer also claims the pop star - who is said to be a huge fan of sci-fi movies like 'ET' and 'Men in Black' - once believed he was an alien himself.

He claimed: "Mr Eccentricity (Jackson) revealed in November 2001 that he felt he was from another planet.

"Michael identified the planet as 'A Capricious Anomaly in the Sea of Space' and said it was located 'just beyond our solar system'."

Earlier this month, Luckman claimed the troubled star, who last month was acquitted of child abuse, had discussed having his remains cryogenically preserved so he could be brought back to life in the future.

He revealed : "Michael has gone to extreme lengths to achieve immortality".

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