Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Magnum PI, Bolo Yeung, Dangerdoom..

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Happy tuesday, everyone...Hope you all had a good weekend..I had a great time with Jay and my sister. Good times. Alas, I couldn't buy a Mogwai, but enjoyed the Mall nonetheless. My sister was nice enough to host us even though she was in the middle of finals, and I thanked her by drinking myself out of sobriety. Laughter ensued.

Upon returning to Corn city, we went to the state fair, and witnessed an amazingly dated ride: The Magnum.

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I had to share a picture of the ride, to show you how amazing it is. Amazing because it is a carnival ride based on a television show starring Tom Selleck. Even more amazing is the fact that the TV show is fifteen years old! I was surprised to see people riding it without fear in their eyes.

But who cares about rides when you can sit and look at a glorious airbrushed Selleck montage. I stared at it and let my brain fuzz over, and the theme song slowly came into my brain. I swear I heard T.C.'s helicopter buzzing overhead. I wondered to myself what Higgins is up to these days, and if he still had those ornery Dobermans. I swear he kept them around just to pester Magnum. I think they hated his mustache.

My friend the Unbeatable sent me an awesome movie in the mail. When I opened the package I yelped like a howler monkey. It was Black Belt Jones 2: The Tattoo Connection.

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Wow. I'm holding off watching it for the right moment. I really can't wait to see it. Black Belt Jones is one of my favorite films of all time, and this movie has Bolo Yeung in it! Bolo fucking Yeung. One of the greatest Martial arts villains of all time. Sweet.
Vic, I'm grateful beyond words.

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(fig. A: happy Bolo, puzzled Bolo, angry Bolo)

Lastly, I've noticed some people post music, and I'm always psyched when I can download tracks from my favorite blogs. So from now on, I'll be uploading a few songs on a weekly basis that I've been listening to and hopefully you will like.

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Danger Mouse (of Grey Album fame) and MC/producer MF Doom have come together to produce DANGERDOOM: The Mouse and the Mask, an album inspired by Adult Swim, Cartoon Network's popular late-night animation network.

I found two joints off it on some Mp3 blogs, and really dig them. The album isn't dropping until October, so download these and enjoy. (The links only work for a week, but if anyone wants them later on, email me.)

Firstly, this is a track featuring Cee-lo called "Benzi Box." I love the beat. The bass makes my ears feel like bees are making honey in them.

And this is a track featuring GhostFace called "The Mask". Check out the Brak and Zorak cameos at the end..LOL!!

Enjoy...Have a good week monkiacs.

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