Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Chiru/Obama '08


Mr. Chiranjeevi, you really are something special. I keep finding movies of yours that make me feel like Indian Disco monkeys are kicking me in the head. You are probably just about the best godamned person walking the Earth today. Except I bet you aren't walking. You are probably dancing in a field, punching and/or kicking someone, or flying in reverse while synthesizers highlight your retro-Eastern shenanigans with bleeps, bloops, and digital whistling.

Peep the first half of this video..it looks like it was made by a clan of Indian hermits who spend their days doing mescaline, working on their trampoline routines, and analyzing footage from "The Gods Must Be Crazy" and Benny Hill episodes. Take a second and listen to the soundtrack: Doesn't it sound like The Little Mermaid meets Seinfeld?

After melting your synapses together, check the second half of the video and watch Chiru getting his sing song dance on in classic Bollywood style and grace. Enjoy.

More of Chiru's greatest hits and other assorted Bollwood goodness on m4h H E R E..

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