Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Someone Should Help that Poor Bear

By now, everyone probably knows about the bear who leaped from Rainbow Bridge to avoid being hit by a car, caught itself on a ledge, held on, climbed on top of the ledge, and stayed there until it was rescued over 24 hours later.

But, did you know that when "officials" arrived at the scene they took one look at the bear, shrugged their collective shoulders and walked away? Yup. It wasn't until next day when they saw the bear still under the bridge that they realized that something had to be done. WTF, people! Next time, try showing a little less disregard for a land based mammal that clearly kicks more ass then you ever will.

In the end, it didn't take Encyclopedia Brown to come up with the solution they used once they decided that it was worth their time. A net was strung up under the bear who was then tranquilized, pushed off the ledge with a pole and into the net. The net was lowered to the ground and voila.

(via neatorama and the OCRegister)

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