Sunday, October 28, 2007

New Blood On Falcon Turf


I'll level with you. This video from after school special "Ace Hits The Big Time" is quite possibly the worst thing I've ever seen. In it we find Ace (played by that kid from Mr. Belvedere) looking out the window to see that notorious suburban gang the Falcons are outside waiting to teach him a lesson. Ace is afraid of the Falcons, a gang as famous for their cruelty as they are for their devotion to colorful choreography. They are truly terrifying in ways that an actual gang filled with murderers and criminal toughs could never be. They taunt Ace with awful lyrics and painful melodies. They flaunt their love of purple by kicking him with their color-coordinated sneakers. And they dance an evil dance, with moves so godless they should be persecuted for even attempting them.

This video is also a powerful commentary on the sociology of the innocent bystander effect. Notice Ace's neighbors who watch him get a flamboyant pummeling and do absolutely nothing. What a cruel world.

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