Saturday, July 07, 2007

+4 strength, +4 stam, leather belt!!!!!

Labeled as Ventrilo Harassment on YouTube, you could liken this to the Jerky Boys of on-line gaming. And now for a little background in this to make it oh so much better.

A Ventrilo server, or a vent server, is a server that allows you to have voice conversations while you play your on-line games. This particular one (there are a lot of other great ones out there too, just do a search for Ventrilo Harassment) was done in World of Warcraft. +4 strength, +4 stam(ina), leather belt is the most basic configuration you could have at the beginning of the game, basically what you start with. It is NOTHING to get all extra excited about… and with that in mind… sit back and enjoy the original video that spawned a mini viral movement with this and the obligatory ytmnd page that any viral entity worth its weight must have.

(thanks Gavin)

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