Thursday, July 19, 2007

No Surrender, No Retreat: The Training Montage


In the sprit of Rocky 4, and Bloodsport, here comes another fantastic 80's fight training montage. This time from a lesser known (but apparently fantastic) movie called "No Surrender, No Retreat". Now while watching this, you may ask yourself many questions. You may ask yourself "why is that young boy eating ice cream while sitting on that man's lap?" Or "why is there need for candlelight ambiance in a karate training room?" None of these questions really matter. What does matter is that you find some way to look past these seemingly ridiculous distractions and find the rock-fueled karate man inspiration inside you. The kind of magic that makes you want to high five your bros at the video arcade and wear cut off mesh shirts. It's time to find it. It's time to get radical. Or just simply do as the montage song instructs: hold on to the vision in your eyes. Right on, 1980's. Right the fuck on.

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