Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Picture Of The Day

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I don't know what is going on here. Where in the infinite Omniverse was this photograph taken? I look at it and the neurons cluttered inside my cobwebbed grey matter start misfiring and my mind goes totally blank. Holy God what is going on here. It's like the staff from the bar from "Three's Company" had to sneak into a B-boy battle in order to solve some kind of mysterious crime. Money in yellow with the category-1 moose knuckle couldn't be feeling himself anymore than he is. My God. I hope that when I grow up and form my 50+ Polka supergroup I manage to be able to live up the the bar these amazing human beings have set for me. Just look at their expressions. You only see faces like that on children flying kites and Basset Hound puppies. I want to be that happy. I'd pay anything to be that relaxed. Question: Did they ask the photographer if they could take their shoes off to mellow out or did they just show up on set rocking their Argyles and baby blues for the shoot?

You know these motherfuckers are the chillest dudes in the entire world. I honestly want to abduct them and make comfortable furniture out of them.

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