Monday, July 21, 2008

Another Tokusatsu WTF Moment

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Tokusatsu..I can't fucking get enough of the stuff. The more recent stuff seems to be all Power Rangers type shows..but I personally prefer the older craptacular-giant-shitty-robots-from-the-70's style of program. Some of the old Toku classics are so awful that they go all the way around the back side of awful and actually transform into awesome. And if there's one thing Tokusatsu has plenty of, it's strangeness.

Check out this uber-weird FTW zen moment from an episode of "Fiveman" where instead of fighting in a traditional manner, the robots and monsters decide to "sing" each other into submission.
What a brilliant and strange idea. Give me a team with Hanna Montana and the Jonas brothers and I'll raise the dead, make their ears explode, and kill them all over again.

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