Friday, July 25, 2008


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Friday is here..Thank fucking God in Heaven with robot baby Jesus on the turntables mixing in Alien heaven for that blessing. Monday felt like a donkey kick in the face, Tuesday felt like I was fighting a swarm of blood thirsty wolverines all day, Wednesday I felt like Sisyphus pushing a fucking boulder up the face of an endless mountain for eternity while burning in murderous bloody purgatory, Thursday was "eh" and now Friday is finally upon us. Lord, if you are listening inside your fortified laser fortress in the sky, I send you a high fucking five and an upside-down monkey frown for making the last four days come to a glorious end. Happy Friday, monkiacs. It's time to pump up the jams. Let those God forsaken dogs out. Catch the fever. Go all in. Take the highway to the dangerzone. Sweep the leg. Use the force. Ride the lightning. Do it to it. Push it to the limit. Then repeat if necessary.

Praise the Lord.

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It's time to Ante Up.

It's The Final Countdown..

So dive right in.

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The weekend is here.

(massive nerd props to Mantis and Drums And Scace for the Muppets jammy!)

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