Monday, July 21, 2008

Picture Of The Day

It must be noted that this crew of superstars get ultra-heavy awesome points for having the word "Boss" in their name. But I still have to get them. Clockwise, starting from the far left:

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Meet Rolf, The charismatic front man (BKA the lead singer for Disco Killmeister, a house-infused Mötorhead tribute band), Janek on bass (famed receiver of two Nordic games master awards for excellence in horse-smash and mountain-screaming), a woman clearly being held in captivity by the other members of the band for purposes unknown, Gary Sinise's Danish half-brother Thorben Sinise on keys, part-time sniper and Mark Wahlberg impersonator Ansgar on lead guitar, and finally we have Halvor on Fondue. He's an Aquarius, enjoys masturbating to the musical stylings of the Bay City Rollers, and smells like cheese and hash.

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