Thursday, July 31, 2008

Virtual Reality and Fully Flared

I used to skate when I was younger, and in high school I was fully into Plan B Skateboards. In particular, the team video "Virtual Reality," released in 1993, was an absolute gamechanger. I think it was pivotal in shifting skating's focus from ramps to street (for a while, anyway), both the skatestyle and the lifestyle. The fashion was miles ahead (trust me, kids, it might not look it now, but...), the attitude put the "street" in street skating, and the music was all over the place (until then skate vids mostly featured punk or metal on pretty much every skater's part). The whole movie is sick, but I thought Rick Howard and Mike Carroll stood out, and Mike chose a bangin' ass Del joint to skate ("Lose in the End"), which was in heavy rotation in the crew I skated with (Souls of Mischief, De La, Tribe, and Wu as well). Here is both of their parts from that classic film:

Thanks for indulging me down memory lane...Anyway, these two dudes started their own shoe company, Laika, and since it's the 21st century, and cash rules everything around me, they have put out a team video. And they have upped the ante. A lot. Squared. Times infinity. These two have blown my mind again, brah! This might be the next skate vid I actually purchase rather than download!

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